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As our world begin to perish to the facts that global warming and greenhouse effect is really happening, people are beginning to aware the importance of living in a healthier world and the urgency to have sustainability environment. Instead of blaming who causes the abuse of our Earth, we at Aura-Lite took the necessary first steps to at least slow down the process of deteriorating Earth.

Aura-Lite (M) Sdn Bhd is a company commercialising green technology product that is both viable and sustainable. Aura-Lite was awarded as the sole distributor for Rainwater Harvesting System in Malaysia as well as the region of ASEAN. Aura-Lite is also Malaysia sole distributor for Techwon LED Lighting of outdoor appliances. Aura-Lite is conversant with the sustainability demands of public as well as private sector organisations of varying sizes and complexities. One of Aura-Lite distinguishing characteristics is the depth of our focus on the customer's mission in the broadest context. We not only respond to current requirements, but we also anticipate their emerging needs.
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  Recent Projects
Office of Education, Jeonbuk,
Yonghyeon Subway, Incheon
LED30W Ceiling, pavement
Little Cottage in Wickham Market
Petite, mid 19th century terrace house at 36 Wansey Street, London SE17 1JP, just south of Elephant and Castle.
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